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Cookie Policy

This Cookie Policy (“Policy”) describes how AGW Media Network (P) Ltd. and its affiliates (collectively, “AGW Bharat,” “we,” “us,” and “our”) use cookies and other similar technologies to identify visitors to our website and sub-domains (“users” or “you”) and their interactions with the information and advertisements that are displayed there. This Policy describes the categories of cookies and other related technologies used on our websites, their purposes, and your options to limit their use. Please read our Privacy Policy, which is incorporated herein by reference, to gain a thorough understanding of the kinds of information we collect, how we use the information that we collect, and why we collect certain types of information.The definitions provided in our privacy policy apply to capitalised terms not otherwise specified in this policy.

You consent to the use of cookies and other similar technologies for the purposes we state in this Policy by continuing to visit our websites or use our services.

What Are Cookies, First?

When you visit a website or use an online service, little data files called cookies are installed on your computer or mobile device. To improve your experience on our websites, for instance, cookies help us recognise you and remember your preferences. They also assist us in providing you with adverts that are pertinent to your professional interests.

We Use Cookies Because…

There are many purposes for why we utilise cookies. These cookies could be first party cookies (sponsored by AGW Media Network) or third party cookies (hosted by a company other than AGW Media Network, such as partners and service providers). Cookies allow us to deliver you relevant advertising both on and off of our websites by allowing us to recognise you when you visit our websites or use our services.

On our websites, we utilise a variety of cookies, such as the ones listed below.
Essential Cookies:
Our websites function more efficiently thanks to essential cookies. Certain features of our websites wouldn’t work correctly without the use of these cookies. To identify who of our visitors have previously registered to access our premium content, for instance, we utilise necessary cookies.

Cookies for Analytical Performance:
The performance of our websites and user interactions are tracked by analytical performance cookies. These cookies give us data that enables us to enhance our services and websites.

Functional Cookies:
Functional cookies are used to authenticate your identify and remember your preferences on our websites. We use functional cookies, for instance, to identify and remember your name and password on our websites.

Flash Cookies:
A little Flash Cookie could be used when you visit one of our websites that makes use of Macromedia Flash Player. These cookies are used to store your preferences for the Flash player and improve your surfing experience.
Cookies for behavioural advertising:
When you visit websites on and off our network, the AGW Media Network and its Partners will use behavioural advertising cookies to show you advertisements that are customised to your interests. Your interests and surfing history are analysed by behavioural advertising cookies, which then show you advertisements both on and off our network that are relevant to your interests. Behavioural advertising is distinct from advertising you would see when you’re looking for something online using a search engine (like Google, Yahoo, or Bing) or on the page you might be visiting at a certain time because it is based on your web browsing behaviour over a period of time. For instance, you might be investigating goods and services associated with data centre virtualization. While you explore the pertinent sections of our sites and a data centre virtualization provider is running an advertising campaign on our network, we might show you an advertisement for one of their products.

What does “DNT” stand for?
DNT is a notion that has been proposed for the internet industry by regulatory bodies including the U.S. Federal Trade Commission to provide internet users control over the tracking of their online activities across websites by using browser settings. To create a DNT technology standard, the World Wide Web Consortium has been collaborating with business associations, web browsers, tech firms, and government agencies.

In what ways are cookies used for advertising?

We can display you advertisements that are pertinent to your professional interests thanks to cookies and other ad technology like beacons, pixels, and tags. They also assist us in knowing when material has been shown to you, understanding and improving our service, and providing aggregated audits, research, and reporting for advertising. Your web browser might ask for adverts and beacons directly from third-party ad network servers, in which case those networks would be able to read, alter, or set third-party cookies just like they would be able to if you had asked for a web page from their site. AGW Media Network advertisements may also use third-party cookies.
Your usage (such as your browsing habits) and log data (such as your IP address), as stated in Section V of our Privacy Policy, will be correlated by us with your Membership Information if you are logged in to our services and one of our cookies on your device identifies you. Additionally, we use information about your usage of our websites as well as aggregate data from other sources. If you don’t delete these cookies from your browser, we might use the data to:

Provide you products, articles, and information that may be of interest to you;
Deliver or show content or interest-based advertising that is in line with your duties and professional interests;
Give you with chances to speak with peers and companies who provide innovations, products, and services that you could find interesting;
To safeguard our partners and members, we must recognise and combat fraud and other dangers.

How Can the Use of Cookies Be Regulated?
The use of cookies on your devices can be managed by you. You can change your browser’s settings to allow or disallow specific cookies or cookie types, as well as to accept or reject all cookies. Your browser may be configured to refuse cookies and to request your permission before each cookie is stored on your device. Please be aware that if you alter your browser’s settings to disable all cookies, several of our websites won’t function properly.

Please be aware that while Flash cookies are saved on your devices similarly to regular cookies, they are kept in a different location. As a result, your browser cannot be used to control these cookies. Visit Adobe’s website for details on how to control Flash cookies.

Please choose your browser or device from the list below and follow the steps to learn more about your cookie rights and how to exercise them.

Browsers: Internet Explorer  |  Chrome  |  Safari  |  Firefox  |  Opera
Mobile Devices: Android  |  Safari  |  Windows Phone  |  Blackberry

How Can I Prevent the Use of My Information by Cookies or Other Tracking Technologies?
Through our consent manager, you can examine and control the cookies we place on this website. Although you will still receive adverts, they won’t be personalised for your online choices, usage patterns, or professional interests. You can modify the browser settings on your computer or other device if you do not want to receive cookies. We will presume that you are okay with receiving all cookies from our websites if you use our services and websites without making any changes to your browser settings.

Behavioural online advertising:
By changing your browser’s settings, you can stop online behavioural advertising. It is simple to opt out of behavioural advertising from any (or all) of the networks the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) represents by visiting the “Your Online Choices” page.

Privacy Statement:
Please read our Privacy Policy for more details on how we gather and handle your information as well as how you can exercise your rights.

Helpful Resources
The following websites provide additional information on cookies:

All About Cookies
Your Online Choices
Information Commissioner’s Office
Direct Marketing Association
Microsoft Cookies Guide

Modifications to this Policy
We may occasionally update this Policy to reflect modifications, such as those to the cookies we use, as well as for other legitimate commercial, operational, or legal reasons.  We will give you the necessary notice if we make any significant changes to how we utilise cookies.

Please send an email to if you have any questions about the use of cookies on our websites or this Policy in general.